The Royal Law of Love

Faith-Filled Living: The Book Of James
The Royal Law of Love
James 2:1-13
Pastor Sam Cirrincione

1. Believing In Jesus And Showing Favoritism Are Incompatible (v.1)
2. This Is Easier To Do With Rich And Recognized People (v.2-3)
3. Biblically, Historically, And Practically, The Rich Have Been Self-Seeking (v.6-7)
4. Reasons For Love:
i. Partiality exposes your own self-seeking motives (v. 4)
ii. Partiality exposes how your own value system differs from God’s (v. 5)
iii. Partiality exposes you as a sinner, in need of mercy yourself (v. 9-11)
iv. Partiality exposes the state of your salvation (v. 13)

Choosing The Path of Gospel Love
i. Choose to be a doer of God’s Word, staying on the right path towards God (v. 8)
ii. Stay constantly aware of the goodness of the Gospel (v. 12)

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