Responses To The Gospel, Part 1

The Gospel Of Luke: A Joy-Filled Journey With The Son Of Man
Responses To The Gospel
Luke 8:4-15
Pastor Sam Cirrincione

The Parable of the Soil (v. 4-10)
Result 1: the Seed on the Path (v. 5)
Result 2: the Seed on the Rock (v. 6)
Result 3: the Seed among the Thorns (v. 7)
Result 4: the Seed in the Good Soil (v. 8)

The Parable Explained (v. 11-15)
Result 1: Immediate Belief (v. 12)
Result 2: Permanently Fall Away (v. 13)
Result 3: Permanently Choked Out (v. 14)
Result 4: Hold Fast and Bear Fruit (v. 15)

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