Equipped and Ready | What it Takes to Make Disciples

Are you equipped to make disciples? Maybe the better question is this: Are you ready to take your faith serious? This question is not meant to offend you. It is meant to illuminate what is required to share your faith and make disciples. Which is this: have faith and be a disciple. The questions is also meant to show the urgency of sharing our faith and making disciples. It isn’t an optional task reserved for the super-christian, but we are all called and equipped by the Holy Spirit to do the work of our Father’s Kingdom.

Today Chad and Josh draw on Josh’s experience as a SEAL jumping out of airplanes, and how that relates to evangelism. Chad discusses mindset and helps listeners be encouraged to take the leap of faith with people in their worlds that need to hear the gospel, or fellow christians who need to be challenged in their own faith.

We understand how challenging of a topic this can be, but if you are serious about loving God and living by the truth of His word then please listen, be encouraged, and take heart in the work the Lord has provided for you. Ephesians 2: 10 says, For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.

Resources mentioned:

  • The Field Church Study Tools (Seeing His Splendor – Gods Attributes, The John Study, Ephesians Study, Gospel Tract)
  • Wayne Grudem – 20 Christian Beliefs
  • Bruce Ware – God’s Greater Glory
  • Jerry Bridges – The Gospel for Real Life
  • Paul Tripp and Timothy Lane – How people change
  • John Piper – Desiring God

Sermons by:

  • Timothy Keller
  • Paul Tripp
  • Matt Chandler
  • John Macarthur
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