Ears to Hear | Why the Church Needs Your Voice

Today Pastor Chad grills Josh on a friend he has been sharing the gospel with. The friend has been going to church but never fully understood the gospel. We can all fall into a trap of believing that just because someone is in church they believe everything the church believes, including the gospel. We shouldn’t abdicate a call to share the gospel with our neighbor by inviting them to church. Personal relationships are a very powerful way to share the gospel. We can’t say if it is more powerful than a church service, but we know God certainly calls us to make disciples in our own worlds. Let’s not be lulled into a false belief, or avoid hard and sometimes awkward conversations just because we watched someone we have been praying for and building a relationship with show up at church. If we truly love the people in our worlds that we are reaching, then shouldn’t we rejoice in the responsibility of sharing the greatest news on earth with them? We know this is hard, and we know you may not always be enthusiastic about it, but we must all see that it is of utmost importance, and we must be grown into the disciple that loves sharing his/her faith with others!

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