An Interview with Pastor Lonnie Tucker

Today’s episode is the first in a new series of interviews where Chad and Josh attempt to uncover the governing mindsets of people in different walks of life. We know that what we believe dictates what we do. So by interviewing people, we hope to showcase certain mindsets that are being used for the Kingdom in some cases, and for worldly pursuits in others. Mindsets are informed and reformed by the Gospel and God’s word, so we also want to show how the people we interview have been influenced by the gospel.

Lonnie is Pastor at Redemption Church in Hammond, LA and has been responsible for over 6 church plants in the Louisiana Greater New Orleans area. He is coming off of a short time being on staff with the Field Church and then going on the following God’s call and revitalizing Redemption Church.

Lonnie is a natural leader and loves deeply. His wife, three adopted boys, and his congregation can attest to that. He never worries about what is comfortable and has always pushed the envelope on what is possible. He now serves in a very poor, predominantly black neighborhood in Hammond where he is hoping to see the gospel and the truth of God’s word reform and revitalize that church and area. Pastor Lonnie will inspire you to get comfortable in the uncomfortable and to always bring the gospel to those who need it the most!

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