Civic Responsibility and the Christian: Interview with Jessie Leger

The civic responsibility and strategy with Jessie Leger. State Coordinator for TeenPact in Louisiana.

Today we are interviewing Jessie Leger.  Christian, wife, and mom to 5 children over 18. She homeschooled all of her children and also teaches other homeschool kids history and government for a community run homeschool co-op for the past 11 years.  She is the state coordinator for Teen Pact which is a christian ministry that ministers to students by utilizing state government to point students toward Christian leadership. Today she will help us see the value of being involved in local government.

Jessie will give us her strategies of interviewing and researching candidates for local elected offices. This Episode is full of useful advice and resources on how to best implement and impact government policy, even if you have limited time in your schedule!

If you would like to contact Jessie you can find her on Facebook at Jessie Leger or email her at

Top resources:

Are you liberal, conservative, or confused by Richard Maybury

TeenPact is designed to help students understand the political process, value their liberty, and engage the culture. Through our hands-on and practical teaching, TeenPact students learn how to embrace their call as the next generation of leaders, find encouragement among like-minded peers, and develop the skills to engage the culture. Louisiana offers two classes each spring. Our One Day Class is for students aged 8-12 and our Four Day Class is for students aged 13-19.
Americans for Prosperity help protect the American Dream by fighting each day for lower taxes, less government regulation and economic prosperity for all. 

Louisiana Family Forum – Your Voice for Traditional Values. LFF’s 60 second brigade advocacy alerts help keep you in the loop and connected to your legislators concerning pending legislation.

Family Research Council’s mission is to advance faith, family, and freedom in public policy and the culture from a biblical worldview.

Geaux Vote Your ballot for each election, know who is running for what and read the initiatives that are on the ballot.

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