The War of Two Kingdoms – A Study of Judges

This podcast represents a biblical worldview. Everyone has a worldview whether passively or actively informed. Most people have been “given“ their worldview by culture and have been passively informed by our post-Christian culture. Today we look at the Number 1 Tool for ACTIVELY inform your own worldview.  Studying the Bible!

Judges will be our platform to teach and train you how to interpret scripture and inform your own worldview.

Judges is a great book to see and be informed by Genesis 3:15 where God gives us the first hint of the gospel. By saying one day the messiah will come and crush the head of the serpent. 

We then start judges by realizing the entire book (and Old Testament) is the story of a War between Two Kingdoms. One ruled by God, and one ruled by Satan. (Ephesians 2) 

Time and time again in Judges we see a cycle of humanity falling away from God, calling out to God and then being saved by a Judge that is raised up by God. 

Check out what Judges has to say about: 

  1. Root of the Violence in Judges
  2. Significance of Sin of Sex and Idolatry
  3. Difference between worldly and Godly sorry (2 Corinthians 7)
  4. Significance of the Promised Land
  5. The Justice of God
  6. The Pattern found in Romans 1


  1. OIA – Observation, Interpretation, Application
  2. Hermeneutical Bridge Study Tool

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