Family Advent Guide

During the Advent season, we must be careful to dedicate ourselves to worshiping our Lord Jesus and not being swept under with the tide of the commercialized version of the holiday. We deeply need the true meaning of Christmas for our own souls, and the perishing world around us deeply needs the love, prayers, and compassion of a people who are gripped by the advent of our Lord. In a time such as this, it will just take some intentionality, prayer, and earnest clinging to the Lord in order to not waste the season. So our prayers are with you! We pray you will take some time, week by week, using this Family Advent Guide to guide your soul and shepherd your family, by the Word of God to not miss, but to drink deeply in what this season is all about–the coming of God’s Christ.

This guide is composed of 5 “weeks” of material. So find some time, around 15 minutes, to gather your family together each week during Advent, plus Christmas Eve, to sing, pray, read from the Bible, discuss, and reflect on the story of Advent. We pray that it will be a sweet time, both enriching your experience of the season, and building, or strengthening, the foundation of worship in your home and family.

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