Prayer, Part 3

What does the Bible say about… Prayer?

The Bible says at least 30 things about Prayer

20) Prayer helps us to trust God and have peace in God 

Philipians 4:6-7

21) Prayer is for confessing our sins to God 

Psalm 32:3-5

1 John 1:9

James 5:16

22) Prayer is for utter dependence on God

Psalm 55:17

Romans 8:26

23) Prayer is how we ask God for the things we need

James 4:2

24) Prayer beckons God to do what only He can do

Ephesians 3:20

25) Prayer is an act of obedience

1 Samuel 12:23

26) Prayer helps us to understand God’s word

Psalm 119:18

27) Prayer helps us respond obediently to God’s word

Psalm 119:10

28) Prayer should be made for fellow churchgoers, believers, and nations to experience the work of God

Ephesians 6:18

29) Prayer is for those who are sick to receive healing 

James 5:13-16

30) Prayer is for expressing thankfulness to God

Psalm 4:2

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