Do You Suffer Well?

Do You Suffer Well?
1 Peter 5:5-7
David Grantham

Live victoriously for the Lord without:
• Losing hope
• Becoming bitter
• Unrighteous anger
• Damaging our witness

Live victoriously for the Lord with:
• Trust in the Lord
• Looking forward to His second coming

Four proper responses to persecution:
1. Expect it
2. Rejoice in it
3. Evaluate its cause
4. Entrust it to God

Obedience produces:
• A calmness in our physical body
• A clarity in our minds
• A peacefulness in our demeanor
• An inner assurance of harmony with God
• A gentleness in our actions

• Is a stress multiplier
• Compounds our anxieties 
• A waste of our life

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