The Preservation of Scripture, Part 2

Sunday Evenings At The Field

Doctrinal Clarity

Bibliology: The Preservation of Scripture, Part 2

Pastor Sam Cirrinicione


1. Commands

a. “Do not add or take away…”

2. Copying

a. Considered to be the Word of God

3. Canonicity

a. The Original Writings

i. One book,

ii. Divine author

iii. Written over a period of 1500 years

iv. Through the pens of 40 men

v. Beginning with Genesis 1-2 (creation)

1. Written by Moses around 1405 BC

vi. Ending with Revelation 21-22 (eternity future)

1. Written by John around AD 95

vii. God progressively revealed Himself and His purposes through His Inspired Scriptures

b. Which Supposed Sacred Writings Should Be Included in the Canon as Scripture?

i. Authored By One Who Is Recognized

ii. Does Not Contradict

iii. Early Church Consensus

iv. Counsels and Evidence

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