The Infallibility of Scripture

Sunday Evenings At The Field

Doctrinal Clarity

The Perspicuity of Scripture

Pastor Sam Cirrinicione


1. The Inspiration of Scripture

         a. Source

         b. Supernatural Influence of the Writing

2. The Authority of Scripture

         a. Right

         b. Right to Rule over our Lives

3. The Inerrancy of Scripture

         a. Fully True

         b. Fully Trustworthy

4. The Preservation of Scripture

         a. Permanently Established

         b. Providentially Kept

5. The Sufficiency of Scripture

         a. Sufficient for Salvation

         b. Sufficient for Sanctification

6. The Perspicuity of Scripture

         a. Clear

         b. Comprehensible

7. The Infallibility of Scripture

         a. Unable to Mislead

         b. Ultimately Fulfilled

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